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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to publish distinguished and profitable community newspaper. Our overall goals are:
To publish newspaper whose focus will be excellence in terms of news and advertising content, reproduction and service.
To maximize profits consistent with product quality, but in no case less than required to assure long term growth and our editorial independence.
This mission will be accomplished through the teamwork of professionals who are dedicated to truth, integrity, loyalty, quality and hard work. We believe that a community must first know about itself in order to act in its own best interest.



“Newspapers get things done!”

We believe that strong newspapers build strong communities.
“Changing the face” can change nothing but “Facing the Change” can change everything.
Media being the one of the most important pillar of a state can assist in building the highest towers of moral, ethical and brotherly global human values.
A blind person asked St. Anthony: “Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?” He replied: “Yes, losing your vision.”


Sunrise Group has various networks in Pakistan and Canada and Media Network is one of them. Pakistan Times Malaysia is the first and only Urdu / English weekly Newspaper of Pakistani Community in Malaysia, published by Sunrise Group Media Network Sdn. Bhd. and circulating 10,000 copies per issue. The 1st. Issue was released on the auspicious occasion of “Pakistan Day”.
Sunrise Group Media Network Sdn. Bhd. is registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) Companies Commission of Malaysia. Company’s Paid-up capital is RM1,000,000.00 (Malaysian Ringgit one million).

Sunrise Group Media Network Sdn. Bhd. has got the publication permit issued by Ministry of Home Affairs to publish a Newspaper named as “Pakistan Times Malaysia”.

Sunrise Group Media Network at presently deals in:

  • Advertising
  • Media Publication
  • Radio Programming
  • Graphic & Web Designing
  • Media Production & Talent House
  • Any Type of Printing / Office Stationery
  • Interpretation Services from Urdu to English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Translation Services from English, Bahasa Malaysia to Urdu for Company Profile, Documents, Website and Pamphlets

Sunrise Group Media Network is a registered body and has got a License issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Malaysia for its publication.

Basic function of our Print Media “Pakistan Times Malaysia” is to strengthen the mutual understanding and promote the knitting of Pakistani and multilingual communities living in Malaysia whether they live in close neighborhood, work together in offices, industries, study in different Institutions or gather at recreation centers.

Our Newspaper is going to provide great assistance in promoting Malaysian Tourism, Educational Institutes & the System of Education, Healthcare system, Malaysian language SME’s, Food and Shopping, Islamic Banking, Government’s remarkable scheme “Malaysia My Second Home”, Halal Hub, Property in Malaysia and so many other sectors of Malaysia’s strong economic pillars.
Besides awareness regarding above mentioned sectors, it is mandatory for all communities living here to fully participate in all types of activities related to the said fields in lawful and positive manner, hence Pakistan Times Malaysia will be practically motivating Pakistani community in specific being in Native Language “Urdu” as well. This drop in ocean will definitely improve the ties between the two brotherly countries Malaysia and Pakistan hence will result in prosperity of both the countries.

We have a team of dedicated and hard working qualified professionals of writers and editors in Urdu and English language to translate and convey the actual message to potential customers. It is our utmost effort to promote Malaysia as commercially viable business hub and tourist paradise. As it is already noticed that Malaysia is becoming a top choice for Pakistani community to do business, get education and for its tourist attractions.

We would like to get our community participation on regular basis and promote talent of our community from all walks of life. We will also publish community classified without any charges. Any individual interested to share any informative article is also welcome.